Meet Sherrie

Meet Sherrie Hicks, a seasoned professional in the dental industry, with over 28 years of experience working with single and multi-location dental practices. Sherrie's expertise encompasses various roles, including practice consulting, where she developed a three-step proven program "Evaluate, Educate and Execute" quickly adopted by three of the largest DSOs. Her transition process starts with an in-depth analysis of her client’s operational structure, their future vision, and goals. She evaluates opportunities for growth and educates dentists and their teams on the "why" behind strategic decisions. Finally, she executes practice development plans to enhance bottom-line performance.

With a background as Vice President of Blackford Dental Management and consulting for seven Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), Sherrie brings a wealth of knowledge in organizational development, management streamlining, and operational optimization. Her experience extends to brokerage and analysis, facilitating over $100 million worth of transactions for doctor-to-doctor, doctor to DSO/PE Firms, and Group Practices to DSO/PE Firms.

Being the sole Licensed Business Broker in Illinois with firsthand experience working on DSO management teams, Sherrie provides her clients with a distinct advantage in exploring selling options and uncovering potential growth opportunities overlooked by buyers.

Sherrie's extensive network includes individual buyers and DSOs, offering her clients limitless possibilities. She has also shared her expertise in all things dental as a featured lecturer at prestigious events such as the Chicago Dental Society's MidWinter Meeting and various industry gatherings.

Known as “The Whitening Guru” and the only person in the world to have worked for the TOP 3 Teeth Whitening Giants in dental (BriteSmile, Discus Dental/Phillips and Ultradent) it was a natural for Sherrie to develop her own teeth whitening line with a re-known chemist. Launching on QVC in the US and The Shopping Channel in Toronto, Sherrie sold $10,000/minute.

Sherrie's top priority is to coach, guide, and ensure her transition clients transact with the right buyer. She emphasizes that it's not just about the selling price but also about achieving the right vision and future for her selling doctors. Her commitment to fairness in dual representation fosters satisfaction among both buyers and sellers.

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Hicks lecturing for Great Expressions & INVISALIGN, Detroit MI