Finding The Right Buyer

At Wyndsor Dental Transitions, our top priority is to identify a buyer who aligns with your practice philosophy, clinical autonomy, and personality, ensuring the continuation of your legacy. We are committed to providing our sellers with choices and options, connecting them with buyers who closely reflect their values and vision.

Two doctors standing next to each other in a room.
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With Sherrie's extensive experience in facilitating hundreds of transactions as a representative for both buyers and sellers, she possesses a discerning eye for identifying ideal matches. Her focus extends beyond merely completing a successful transaction; she considers the post-sale life and legacy implications for both parties.

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It's essential to recognize the significance of replacing a practicing doctor and respecting the foundation they've built with their patient base. Aggressive treatment planning for patients who have long been loyal to and satisfied with the seller's work can have adverse effects, often leading to patient attrition post-sale. Finding a middle ground and maintaining continuity in treatment planning approach is crucial.

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Moreover, the compatibility of personalities is vital. A buyer's assertive demeanor at the chairside may not align with the seller's more compassionate approach. Additionally, clinical philosophy plays a paramount role. Both seller and buyer should share similar clinical philosophies that resonate with the patient base.

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While the specifics of the deal, including price and timeline, are crucial for a successful transaction, the difference lies beyond mere numbers. Several considerations, including alignment of values and personalities, are pivotal. At Wyndsor Dental, we serve as your expert partner in finding the right seller/buyer combination for a seamless transition.